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Crépuscule – world premiere with Elevate Ensemble

On Sat Mar 4th, Elevate Ensemble brought their program After Dark to Fort Mason’s Southside Theater in San Francisco. Director Chad Goodman premiered a new piece of mine written specifically for Elevate called Crépuscule, and they did an incredible job performing it. The program was a musical exploration of the night, and he chose to[…]

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Echolocation: Launched

It’s finally here. Echolocation is a new project of mine focusing on the two things I love most in this world: travel and music. About a year ago I had the innocent idea to write some pieces of music based on places I had traveled. It evolved into the most incredible experience[…]

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Nightmare Light EP with Joel St. Julien out now!

I’m happy to announce the release of Nightmare Light, an all-electronic EP written with my friend, collaborator and out-of-this-world composer Joel St. Julien. I’m as much an electronic musician as a composer and have been wanting to put out a purely electronic record for ages. Joel and I have been working on this for a bit now – piecing it together[…]

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Lots of Love from WNYC’s New Sounds

The outpouring of support from fans for the release of Navigation Without Numbers has been incredible. I can’t thank you all enough! In addition we’ve gotten some excellent coverage from WNYC’s extraordinary music show, New Sounds, with two episodes highlighting tracks from the record. Episode #3836 showcases Four Went Down, while episode[…]

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