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Crépuscule – world premiere with Elevate Ensemble

On Sat Mar 4th, Elevate Ensemble brought their program After Dark to Fort Mason’s Southside Theater in San Francisco. Director Chad Goodman premiered a new piece of mine written specifically for Elevate called Crépuscule, and they did an incredible job performing it. The program was a musical exploration of the night, and he chose to complement the premiere with two other pieces of mine, Fulcrum and Grace, that fit well into this theme. The title Crépuscule worked perfectly for this piece as it is French for dusk or twilight, and the piece itself tells of the passing from twilight though the dark night before the welcome return of sunrise at the end. It also calls for an electronic part wrought from sounds I collected while in Paris: a protest with hundreds of workers honking horns and ringing bells, the roar of the late-night Paris metro, and a schoolteacher quietly singing to a small group of children in Notre Dame.

It was an absolute honor to work with Elevate Ensemble. I hope to record this new with them soon. In the meantime please watch the video of the premiere below:

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