George Hurd

Nightmare Light

nightmare light FB cover

What does it say about the current state of modern society when two artists living in the same city create an entire album over email/Dropbox/etc? Lazy? Convenient? Radical?

Composers George Hurd (Innova Records) and Joel St. Julien (his own damn self) struggled with this question during the creation of their self-titled debut album Nightmare Light. Created in San Francisco, the two shared sketches via email, developing them pass-by-pass into fully realized compositions. George would send something to Joel, who would recreate it and send it back. With each exchange the songs grew and became more of a collective process. Numerous late-night sessions together in the flesh solidified the pieces – all edited, mixed and mastered in Joel’s home studio.

Indirectly these songs speak about technological isolation in their genesis, but also of connection and collaborative creativity made possible through the technologies of today, of inspiration stemmed from these digitally shared ideas that made something fresh and challenging, yet undeniably accessible.

Their self-titled EP, Nightmare Light, is out now. Purchase yours HERE


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