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Echolocation brings together the two things I love most in this world: music and travel. It’s a project focused on creating music made with location-specific audio recordings. By using sounds recorded entirely within a geographic area (often including local musicians as well) my pieces are meant to conjure up the essence of a place both emotionally and physically. Rather than just being inspired by the spirit of a city, the pieces are built from raw audio material collected from each place’s sonic landscape. The end result is a musical representation of a location that is both artistic and literal, bringing the place itself into the music.

This is the concept behind Echolocation: to write a series of pieces based on three months of travel around Europe (and a sliver of Africa as well). From Oslo to Munich to Rome to Lisbon to Tangier to Brussels to Amsterdam and more, each piece is meant to conjure up my personal experience in each city. Local musicians were used whenever possible, including a 96-piece German choir, a Portuguese guitar quartet, a Roman flutist/violinist, and more, and all sounds were sourced from each location.

The first piece released was about Oslo, Norway, hear the full song below:

The second piece was about Bavaria, Germany:

Your subscription brings this project to life, allowing you to share in my travel experiences by receiving a new piece of music from a new location each 4-6 weeks.

Each piece will be joined by writing, pictures and videos exploring the process of composing this music, showing you the journeys and effort it took to make it all happen.

As a subscriber you will also receive discounts on merch and free downloads/streaming of new and old projects of mine, such as the recent Hurd Ensemble album Navigation Without Numbers, and a new self-titled electronic EP from Nightmare Light, my duo with composer/electronic musician Joel St. Julien. There are multiple subscription tiers with various extras that include: receiving the original field recordings I used to build each piece, postcards sent to you from us on our travels (next up: Los Angeles followed by a 3-week road trip though New Zealand), exclusive behind-the-scenes pics/vids/info, free concert tickets, and more.


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Bavaria, Germany

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