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Kinetech Featured Artist Talk/Echolocation launch

I’m exceptionally excited about this event, as Kinetech is an organization very close to my heart. Dedicated to endless collaboration and bridging the gap between art and science, they are people whose ideas really align with mine. I was happy to accept their invitation to talk about my process of composing geographically-specific music, where I write pieces using recorded sounds I capture that are unique to a particular location. This event will be the launch of a new project I’m beginning exploring this very idea entitled Echolocation. I’m writing a series of pieces based on my travels this summer around Europe – Oslo, Munich, Rome, Lisbon, Seville, Tangier, Porto, Brussels, Antwerp, and Amsterdam – using the incredible amounts of inspiration and memory I found there, as well as enormous number of field recordings I made in each place to weave throughout these pieces. The project will be made available as a subscription-based release where the listeners support the project by subscribing to it and receive new pieces every 4-6 weeks along with writing, photos and videos detailing how and where the piece was writing. Those who attend the event will get a free download of a track from my upcoming album, Navigation Without Numbers, out this Feb 2016.

SAFEhouse Arts – 1 Grove St, SF
Tues, Sept 29th – 8:00pm 

$5 donation

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