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New score for “Chernobyl” documentary

I’m incredibly proud of Chernobyl, a viciously interesting new documentary I’ve scored by Drew Scanlon over at Cloth Map. Drew took a trip to the ruined, post-apocalyptic remains of Chernobyl to explore the irradiated wastes and see firsthand what this once-vibrant place has become since the nuclear meltdown over 20 years ago.

I dove into it with a synth-heavy mindset complimented by liberal use of strings, percussion, and vintage organs. In particular I was drawn to string harmonics and their ghostly qualities as it seemed to perfectly match the abandoned, lifeless landscape that has been taken over by nature. The constant presence of wind was impossible to ignore in this place where nature has taken over everything. It moves unimpeded through buildings riddled with remnants of a world lost to one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, and much like the string harmonics, they form the backdrop of this piece alongside a churning motor of synth-driven sound. Check out the video below, and be sure to swing by Cloth Map to see more of what Drew’s up to in his ongoing travel series.

Also keep an eye out for the release of this music soon on my Bandcamp page!



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